My three favorite things as a kid growing up in Boulder, Colorado were playing sports, writing, and finding answers to my many questions. Sports were the undercurrent to everything since I came from a legacy of college coaches. I grew up hearing stories of glory on the basketball court, on the football field, and around the track.

In high school, basketball became my own primary obsession—what’s better than that elegant rip as the ball drops through the net? Basketball taught me how to live life with passion. To compete. To find out what my real limits are. To play all out and never go through the motions. Today, I use what I learned on the court and try to apply this drive to my own training and to my work as a writer at Poliquin Performance.

I was initially motivated to be a journalist due to my interest in improving and expanding women's sports writing. I also noticed that when it comes to health, diet, and performance, we have to dig below the surface for meaningful solutions. We have to ask the hard questions and look for the holistic answer.

The Best Sprint Workout For Women
October 3, 2013
Sprint interval training is a powerful tool that gives you back considerably more in terms of health and performance than the effort required.
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August 22, 2013
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Intermittent Fasting: Myth or Reality for Women?
August 1, 2013
Used to be that skipping breakfast or choosing not to eat was frowned upon by nutritionists, fat loss experts, doctors, and loving mothers and fathers alike. Nowadays, fasting and breakfast skipping are increasingly popular in the mainstream, having taken the fitness world by storm.
Will YOU Rise To The Occasion? Five Things I Learned From Pat Summitt, the NCAA’s Winningest Coach
June 27, 2013
“Every once in awhile, a good plan works to utter perfection. When that happens, you don’t write it off to luck or good fortune. You examine it, and ask yourself why things turned out so well.” –Pat Summitt
Three Reasons To Choose Lean & Strong Over Skinny & Hungry
May 16, 2013
Despite the images of strong, lean women that are popping up in the popular culture and politics, there are an alarmingly large number of women whose main desire is to be skinny.
Five Excellent Exercises Women Should Train
April 18, 2013
Women tend to be overlooked in the hardcore training world and it’s time to put an end to that.